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Lasers used on Several KLA+ Systems ; AIT; AIT-2; AIT XP; UV; SP1-DLS 6200; 6220;6400;6420……………..

75mW Lasers with alignmnet rings

30mW Lasers with alignment rings

Laser installation

Laser power supply repairs                                     

Surface  Scanner available for system integration​​​​

Applications: Wafers / Reticles

Table Top Manual Load ; automated; OR integrated into Stockers

New and refurbished lasers available

Exclusive USA Distributorship for LaLu Optics / Germany

State Lasers / SP1; SP2

Wafer and Reticle calibration standards

National Laser

  • Factory backed warranty
  • Rings included, mounted, and aligned
  • Exclusive Lumentum / WIS, Inc. P/N 2214-30-SLWIS
  •  30mW laser w/rings mounted and aligned
  • Used on SP1-Classic and Tbi
  • Surfscan 6420; 6620; 6400; 6200
  • Other available Lasers:
  • 75mW for AIT2; XP; XUV; SP1-DLS;
  • Manufacturers Warranty 
  • Laser Installation 
  • Retubed lasers available
  • Optional retubing program, lower cost
  • PMTs for OEM AIT and SP1 systems
  • SP1 Cal Pins
  • SP1/SP2 optics and engineering support available
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Wafers

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