PSL Standard Calibration Wafers

The PSL Contamination Standard is a bare silicon wafer that has microscopic latex spheres deposited on its surface. PSL Contamination Standards (PSLCS), are produced for particle size calibration of instruments that detect particles on the substrate's surface.

The polystyrene latex (PSL) spheres that are deposited on the PSL Contamination Standard are highly spherical, have well characterized reproducible optical properties, and a tight, monodisperse size distribution. These parameters make PSL spheres a Metrology Equipment QA accepted Standard for the calibration and monitoring of particle counting instruments and wafer inspection tools.

WIS™ Inc. supplies these PSL standards in a wide variety of NIST traceable and non-traceable sphere sizes-typically between 0.010 μm and 1000.0 μm.

Ask WIS™ about SiC silicon carbide wafers.

Standards .155 to 4.99 Price < .155 Price
NIST Traceable Standards 4-6" CALL 4-6" CALL
Coverage: Half | Full | Spot Deposition 8" CALL 8" CALL
Coverage: Half | Full | Spot Deposition 12" CALL 12" CALL
Silicon Carbide (SiC) Wafers

PSL Wafers
Standard Calibration Wafers

Wafer Inspection

Half Deposition Coverage (H)

Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Full Deposition Coverage (F)


Spot Deposition Coverage (C)

Reticle Inspection

Double Deposition Coverage (Custom)

Non NIST Standards available using the identical process with no Certificate.

If you are unsure about what calibration set to order for your equipment, please contact us with your system model number and wafer size and we'll be pleased to reply with the manufacturers' recommended NIST Calibration wafer set.

PSL, Thin Film, White Ceramic, DSW, Custom. Our NIST PSL calibration standards are manufactured using the same depostion system used at VLSI Standards. Our thin film NIST calibartion standards are the best available.

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