Reticle Mask Inspection System - PDS1020-G2

The PDS1020-G2 Reticle Mask Inspection System provides a low cost solution to Mask Inspection. The PDS1020-G2 return on investment is < 1 year, it requires no PM schedule, and has a reduced footprint 30" Cube. The PDS1020-G2 has an installed base of over 50 units as of 6/2016. Several units have run three years plus with no servicing and no calibration requirements! No laser is used so there is no consumable illumination source. The PDS1020-G2 has been integrated into stockers, cleaners and used as a bench top unit. This unit has been adapted to most major brands of handlers. The PDS1020-G2 can also be modified to inspect other substrates.

  • 1 Micron Detection
  • Simultaneous Dual Sided Inspection – Pellicle and Glass
  • Throughput 20 Seconds
  • Adaptable for System Integrators
  • Adaptable for Other Substrates
  • Small Footprint /Table Top
  • 16.2" x 13" x 16.45"
  • No PMs Required
  • Customer Option - Imaging Resolution = 0.8um
  • Review Cycle Time per Defect (Typical) = 1.5 sec
  • Object Plane Pixel Size = 0.2um
  • Object Plane FOV Horizontal = 0.62mm
  • Object Plane FOV Vertical = 0.47mm
  • Number of Review Cameras = 2
  • Camera Pixel Size = 2.2um
  • Object Plane MTF = 0.3 @IFOV
  • Magnification = 9.17
  • Review Camera Format = 2592 x 1944 Color
  • Horizontal = 2592 pixels
  • Vertical = 1944 pixels
Reticle Mask Inspection PDS-1020G2

Reticle Mask Inspection

PDS1047 Particle Detection System designed for Round Reticles

Particle Detection System

Reticle Mask Inspection

Reticle Mask Inspection

The PDS1047 is an available option.

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