Robotic Services

The robotic specialists at Wafer Inspection Services, Inc. provide high caliber service quickly and efficiently.

Tools are supported using former OEM trained engineers.

We offer repair and refurbishment on robots, pre-aligners and controllers with our focus on quality and speed.

Specialists in semiconductor wafer handling robot refurbishment, repair, field service and technical support.

We are experts in PRI/Equipe and Kensington automation repair and refurbishment.

We promote the highest quality analysis and diagnostics in our repair and refurbishment services.

ATM/ABM 100, ATM/ABM 200, ATM/ABM 300, ATM/ABM 400

DBM-2400, DBM-2700

PRE-200, PRE-300

ESC-100, ESC-200, ESC-201, ESC-212, ESC-2800

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Robotic Services
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